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The glued wire, or glued band, is composed of several wires laminated and glued in parallel. It can be made of polished or galvanized wires, which may or may not be pigmented in different colors – on request. It is used as raw material in the manufacture of staples for paper, cardboard, furniture, tapestries, boxes, shoes, wood and even furniture pegs, which facilitates the production process of these products.

  1. BQ  - Bobina Quente

  2. Bobinas Finas a Frio

  3. Galvalume / Aluzinco

  4. Bobinas Pé Pintadas

  5. Bobinas Galvanizadas a Fogo


Oferecemos em bobinas ou, alternativamente, já pré cortados dentro da necessidade customizada de cada cliente.

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